lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

How to recycle used computers?

How to Recycle Used Computers

Hello, I think this video it's really cool.

And also the guy it's really funny (:

I like it because this information it's not so common.

Usually here in Venezuela, people do not recycle.

And we can see how people throw to the garbage cpu, keyboards, cd's, and so many stuffs, that you can actually do something good with them!

I'm studying electronical engineering and It's really important to know all that we can about these green ideas, our world it's needing our help and we're the only ones that can do something about it.

Recycling used computers is important to avoid spreading the heavy metals, like zinc, lead and copper, into the environment. Discover where to recycle electronics, visiting for more information, with helpful information from this environmentalist sir in this free video on environmental health.

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