sábado, 25 de julio de 2009


Our last evaluation it's with a project. A green project!
Free Air is the name that we decided to use for this project.
The picture at top is our logo.
This world needs help in our enviroment, and we'll discuss about air pollution specifically.

Without air people wouldn't be able to breath, and therefore we wouldn't be able to live.
I think this project help us to see what the man is doing, the things that are totally wrong, and how we can help to get this world a little bit better. I think if every person in the world have a new conscience, awareness, and applies this knowledge in the industry, in their homes, at the park, everywhere! This could make the difference, not only with one person, we all need to be together with this, because there are no two planets called earth, this is the only one that we have, and nothing should be more important that taking care of what we have.!

Air pollution, the silent killer, it's a big problem nowdays.
We need to stop this, and with our project we have some ideas to improve the environment.
You can read about our project and team members, by clicking
Hope you like it, and apply this ideas at home, and talk about them with your friends.

This is a video, where you can see the effects of air pollution.

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