lunes, 27 de julio de 2009


1.-Hello, how are you today Jessica?
Hello, I'm fine thank you. And you?

2.-Did you have any trouble finding our office?
No, in fact it's really easy to find.

3.-Isn't this great weather we're having?
Yes, it's wonderful. I really like this weather.

4.-What experience do you have in this field?
I worked for three years in this field.

5.-How do you evaluate success?
I evaluate success in different ways. At work, it is meeting the goals set by my supervisors and my fellow workers. It is my understanding, from talking to other employees, that the company is recognized for not only rewarding success, but giving employees opportunity to grow as well. After work, I enjoy being with my family having a great time.

6.-Why did you leave your last job?
I left because my previous position no longer challenged me and therefore was no longer enjoyable for me.

7.-Are you applying for other jobs?
No, actually I'm applying only for this job.

8.-What is your greatest strength?
I'm good at organizational skills, prioritization and time management. But my greatest strength is my ability to effectively handle multiple projects and deadlines.

9.-How do you handle stressful situations?
Well, I actually work better under pressure.

10.-Do You Take Work Home With You?
When I need to, no problem. I realize the importance of meeting deadlines and getting work done on time.

How to recycle used computers?

How to Recycle Used Computers

Hello, I think this video it's really cool.

And also the guy it's really funny (:

I like it because this information it's not so common.

Usually here in Venezuela, people do not recycle.

And we can see how people throw to the garbage cpu, keyboards, cd's, and so many stuffs, that you can actually do something good with them!

I'm studying electronical engineering and It's really important to know all that we can about these green ideas, our world it's needing our help and we're the only ones that can do something about it.

Recycling used computers is important to avoid spreading the heavy metals, like zinc, lead and copper, into the environment. Discover where to recycle electronics, visiting for more information, with helpful information from this environmentalist sir in this free video on environmental health.

sábado, 25 de julio de 2009


Our last evaluation it's with a project. A green project!
Free Air is the name that we decided to use for this project.
The picture at top is our logo.
This world needs help in our enviroment, and we'll discuss about air pollution specifically.

Without air people wouldn't be able to breath, and therefore we wouldn't be able to live.
I think this project help us to see what the man is doing, the things that are totally wrong, and how we can help to get this world a little bit better. I think if every person in the world have a new conscience, awareness, and applies this knowledge in the industry, in their homes, at the park, everywhere! This could make the difference, not only with one person, we all need to be together with this, because there are no two planets called earth, this is the only one that we have, and nothing should be more important that taking care of what we have.!

Air pollution, the silent killer, it's a big problem nowdays.
We need to stop this, and with our project we have some ideas to improve the environment.
You can read about our project and team members, by clicking
Hope you like it, and apply this ideas at home, and talk about them with your friends.

This is a video, where you can see the effects of air pollution.

domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

People we look up to

When I thought about a person that I look up to, for a while I had different names on my mind, people like Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking, but even though I remembered someone closer. He is a teacher, a great one, his name is Angel Villalobos more than a teacher, he's a good friend. I really admired him, he's an excellent person, simple, but with enough knowledge in the area of robotics and electronics, he's some who goes beyond, making right now by himself his own chip, I dedicate this post to him.

Top 10 Online Job Search Tips

I think this tips are great!
I will appoint the tips here for anyone who wants to know a little about them.
If you want to read the complete information, that's easy, just click here.

1. If you build it, they can come.
This is about making new ways to take the attention, by designing navigable Web sites or online portfolio where recruiters can view your body of work and read about your goals and obtain contact information.

2. Check yourself to make sure you haven't wrecked yourself.
Google yourself to see what comes up

3. Narrow your options.

4. Go directly to the source.

5. Find your niche with industry Web sites.

6. Try online recruiters.

7. Utilize video résumés.

8. Run queries.

9. Utilize job alerts.

10. Get connected.

Ted Talks!

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with the annual TED Conference in Long Beach, California, and the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford UK, TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Program, the new TEDx community program, this year's TEDIndia Conference and the annual TED Prize.

In this video we can see how a person can inspire and surprise us with only 20 minutes. And he is just an student! this is really amazing. I really like it, and if you search for more ted talks you will find a lot of interesting topics.

You can watch David Merrill's video clicking here

lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Cover letter

Mrs. Jessica Cuello
Electronic Engineer
Maracaibo Edo. Zu

Dear Mr. Bauer:

I saw your adversitement in Yahoo hot jobs for an electronic project manager and I would like to apply for the job.
I have skills in the areas of project managerial, research, testing of electronic components and programming, I'm also a really friendly and team worker person so I won't have any trouble getting along with my team.
If you like to meet me to talk about this position, feel free to call to my personal number 0412-65784747.
Thank you for your attention.
Yours Truly,

Jessica Cuello.

domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

Beginner job.

I found this job at yahoo hot jobs, It's a beginner job, It's not the job of my dreams, but I can work there and gain some experience.
Job ID
Company Name
Job Category
Haverhill, MA
Position Type
Full-Time, Employee
0-1 Years Experience
Date Posted

You can see this page clicking here!

Nice Job!

Hi! Today I visited Yahoo Hot Jobs, and I think I found a great Job! It's really interesting and I really like what I read there, It's located at United States.

Company Name
Electromagnetic Industries LLP

Job Category

Baytown, TX

Position Type
Full-Time, Employee

1-2 Years Experience

Desired Education Level
Bachelor of Science

Date Posted
June 14, 2009

Electronics Engineer
Electromagnetic Industries LLP. is seeking an Electronics Engineer experienced in analog & digital design/troubleshooting using MPLAB IDE software/hardware, PICs micro-controller development tools, and MATLAB/Simulink graphics simulator. The position is designing and troubleshooting new and existing products as well as providing technical support to customers and conducting some inside sales.
Must be willing to learn Low Voltage Transformer Design and applications for Switchgear Manufacturing. Must have good communication skills. For more information on our products see our website Send resume to
This is really interesting at my field, and I think I would enjoy working there, and I will get more experience about everything I have studied.
You can find the link of this page, clicking here


67 Street, Bella Vista Av.
Venezuela, Zulia State.
(0416) – 3333333

Obtain a position at XXX company where I can maximize my management skills, quality assurance, program development, and training experience.

-University: 2006 – To date: Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin (URBE).
Faculty of Electronic Engineering. School of Engineering. Opting for the title of: Electronic Engineer, currently studying: 7th trimistre.
-High school: 1995-2006 - Unidad Educativa San Vicente de Paúl. Bachelor of Science Degree.

- Team worker.
- Talkactive.
- Enthusiastic.
- Creative.
- Great ideas to solve problems.

Powerpoint, Excel, Internet.

Roberto Nuñez. – Engineer. Phone number: (0426) – 6666666
Paris Ryder. - Secretary . Phone number: (0412) – 7777777

I like languages, I know a little bit of Italian, and I would like to learn German, French and Japanese. I love to solve puzzles, to do sports and to learn something different every day of my life.


This video shows us different forms of the definition of leadership. A Leader is someone who excels and has the strength to influence other people. I think this person needs to have the hability to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more just like Jhon Quincy Adams said.
You also can see in this video what are the roles that leader must have: create a vision, build teams, allocate tasks, develop people and motivate followers. The video is interesting because it helps us to see in a comprehensive way the steps and what each person should have to be a good leader.

You can see this video clicking here

domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Second life!

My avatar in second life is called Trinity Kozlov. This program is really fun, here you can walk, talk and also fly!. You can buy products, meet new people and go to other places. At the begining I didn't know how to do these things but then I learned by some instructions that were around the first place. I expect to be able to find interesting places, and to learn more about this world. I didn't vist too many places because I didn't know where to go, but at the end, I could visit other place like a mall and there were others avatars. I talked, and walked a while, then I flew, and I learned how to sit, and how to change my appearance. I still have to learn how to make money there. ;]

The Story of Stuff.

The video shows us how the man still destroying something so vital to us as it is our planet.As the time passes we can see how the trees and the natural resources are being attacked once again by the hand of the man. And also we can see how the factories work with toxic materials which contaminates the air, and the product also goes out on sale contaminated.On the other hand, the government and the advertising,tv and radio publicity has taken charge wanting to establish routines of purchases to the man,indicating products that people should buy and according to this kind of media, and to receive the factories the benefits, they show them that like that people will be "in" fashion, and happy. Finally this product becomes obsolete and there aren't many ways to help to the process of recycling, this accumulation of garbage also contaminates our planet. This video shows us that we must and we need to take conscience about it and begin to act and to device new ideas that help us to take the attention of the people,to let them know what's really happening in our planet, this way we try to make this world a better world for the next generations.

lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Electronic engineering

Electronic engineering (i′lek′trän•ik ′en•jə′nir•iŋ) is a discipline dealing with the behavior and effects of electrons (as in electron tubes and transistors) and with electronic devices, systems, or equipment. The term now also covers a large part of electrical engineering degree courses as studied at most European universities. In the U.S., however, electrical engineering implies all the wide electrical disciplines including electronics.
In many areas, electronic engineering is considered to be at the same level as electrical engineering, requiring that more general programs be called electrical and electronic engineering (many UK and Turkish universities have departments of Electronic and Electrical Engineering). Both define a broad field that encompasses many subfields including those that deal with power, instrumentation engineering, telecommunications, and semiconductor circuit design amongst many others.

The name electrical engineering is still used to cover electronic engineering amongst some of the older (notably American) universities and graduates there are called electrical engineers. The distinction between electronic and electrical engineers is becoming more and more distinct. While electrical engineers utilize voltage and current to deliver power, electronic engineers utilize voltage and current to deliver information.

\tran-ˈzis-tər, tran(t)-ˈsis-\
1transfer + resistor; from its transferring an electrical signal across a resistor
1 : a solid-state electronic device that is used to control the flow of electricity in electronic equipment and usually consists of a small block of a semiconductor (as germanium) with at least three electrodes

Etymology:electr- + 2-on
A stable subatomic particle in the lepton family having a rest mass of 9.1066 × 10-28 grams and a unit negative electric charge of approximately 1.602 × 10-19 coulombs.

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Going Green

Going green is a trend that has been getting more and more important lately, most companies and organization have been changing their standards toward environmental issues, in this webcast, IBM is shown to have gotten these things heavily into consideration, with the development of new technology for the manufacture of eco-friendly equipments.

This will have a very positive impact on users as it will lower the power they consume and it will reduce their gas emission. Nowdays is when consumer attitudes and government policies around the world combine to pressure companies to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment, makers are asking themselves how they can use core business processes to plan for and manage their green initiatives. Executives at some of the world’s most successful companies like this one, are convinced that adopting environmentally sound green practices can be a boost to profitability, not a drag.

It's important to act and do something against the destruction of our own world, and it's something that can no longer be ignored.This webcast can help the green engineer to know more about the financial,operational,social/regulatory and global beneficts using green minds,learning more about this kind of information people can save costs from more efficient energy use, can have more computing performance per kilowatt, and to have a verifiable energy conservation.

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

About me :O

Hello everyone!
My name is Jessica Cuello [:
I'm nineteen years old. I'm from Maracaibo and I'm studying Electronic Engineering at Urbe.
I love listening to music, especially Muse, I like to read, to do excercises, to make puzzles, to eat any kind of chocolate and I really enjoy going out for dinner.
I don't like hypocrisy and I really hate lies.
My dreams are: graduate, find a good job, travel around the world and visit the most gorgeous and amazing places.
I think english is really important because it is understood and spoken almost everywhere in the world so it's an easy way to comunicate with other people from other countries and that's important for a job. I really like languages and I hope to learn at least 4 languages: Italian, German, French and Chinese.
Well, that's all, take care.